One of the first dates Rick and I ever had, I cooked him beef-tips and cheesy-bacon potatoes. I will never forget his reaction, he acted like it was the best thing he had ever eaten. Then it was probably the very next date that he cooked for me. It was a steak about as big as my plate with asparagus and it was pretty dang good. He told me we should “have a cook-off.” That’s been years ago and we still have yet to have our cook-off. Never-the-less, we both love cooking. He loves to grill outside on the porch more than anything really. I’m the one that sits in front of Food Network all the time – absorbing everything. Rick tells me I watch it too much but he has only not liked a few of the dinners I have cooked over the past few years!

You see, I am the type that will see something and be like “I can do that.” I love to challenge myself and prove that I can do something. Cooking is one of those things. I have always loved to cook and started at an early age. When I started dating Rick, I loved cooking us dinner and as much as I complain about grocery shopping, I really enjoy it still. I love making comfort foods a little bit healthier without you even knowing or trying new vegetables. I have really enjoyed experimenting with wild game – more specifically: venison. It’s always in the freezer. That brings me to my newest adventure – this blog! People are always asking me for my recipes, and I am terrible at writing them down and then it’s hard to repeat! By blogging them, I will be able to keep tabs and share them with y’all!

So where does the whole wild game edge come from? We obviously love to hunt and to be outside in general. For some, it’s more than just a few weeks in a year – it’s a lifelong lifestyle. One hunt season rolls into the next, mixed in with planting/prepping seasons – getting the land in order to be successful. Conservation and preservation methods are not something that happen overnight. Hunters aide a huge part into the balance of ecosystems – sometimes bringing suffering ecosystems back to life – over a matter of years and decades at a time. We are just one tiny part in such a larger picture.

Hunting is not just killing animals. It’s taking an animal’s life to be able to support our own. I believe that it’s our God-given right to hunt and gather. Quite frankly, I know that God gave us animals to be able to provide nourishment for ourselves. There’s nothing better than that feeling of being closer to God by being in the great outdoors enjoying the blessings he gave us! And, being able to put food on the table that you harvested and cooked (knowing exactly where it came from) is such an awesome feeling of satisfaction and closeness to nature.

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