Hey Y’all! Welcome to my blog.

I have always loved to cook, but since my husband and I have been dating, I have discovered a love of cooking wild game. Creating everyday recipes out of game meat is something I love to do. I like taking normal dishes, swapping the meat for wild game, and proving that there’s more than just fried game and game smothered in gravy (which there is nothing at all wrong with!)

Eating organic meat that we harvest ourselves is one of the coolest things. Knowing just where your food came from and how it was prepared is such a great thing. I wish more people could experience it for themselves! Visit the blog tab above to check out all of my recipes and more!

Huntin' Wives

“A group of women trying to bring women and wives of all ages together, while passing on their love and passion of the outdoors to the future generations” #IAmAHuntinWife